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June 30, 2008


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You see that Pabst? I'd drink it; I'd drink the heck out of it. Totally wreck it.

A pint at least.

Maybe one.

(I'm all out of material now.)


$20 for a pitcher of Pabst's vs. $20 for a pitcher of Stella? Hmm... I'd be one of those people that would just sit there and keep reading the menu aloud each time I ordered - and order louder after each round. "WOW! $20 FOR A PITCHER OF PABST'S?! I DUNNO. HONEY? WHADDAYA THINK? OR, OF COURSE, WE CAN GO WITH STELLA. I'VE HEARD OF THAT. I THINK. IT'S GOOD, RIGHT?"


Thanks for backing me up... I know my perspective is skewed, having lived a drunk's life in Baltimore - where you can get absolutely shit-faced at really good, crappy bars for $9. And valets there get shot on sight, so that was never an issue...

Ben Nuckols

When Pabst is priced the same as Stella or Guinness, the incentive to drink Pabst is, methinks, diminished.


Exactly! I didn't get it... it's like treating Pabst as a boutique beer or something. Nothing could be more off-point, when you're drinking Pabst. Either that or they're making vague fun of Pabst. Which I can't even bear to fathom.


I got really really really drunk at the Derby once, which I believe is in Los Feliz. Really drunk. Left my credit card at the bar. Thought I had alcohol poisoning the next day. Now I just binge on Snickers. Sob.


Good lord, what would a Car Bomb cost???


PBR is the campaign of beers. Of course it is 5.25 in LA. I bet it's 7.50 in Miami Beach. Worth every penny.


It's the Champagne of Beers and in the best (or worst) establishments in LA (try bar 107 at 4th and Main - the door looks like a keyhole) it's served in the memorable chalice. I think PBR, beyond all the obvious reasons, is revered here is there was a brewery downtown.

Funny listening to the newcomers complaining about alcohol prices - if you want to drink with the stars, you pay the price. They have to keep the bums out somehow. So if you want to drink for less, drink with us bums.


Done. I just had to get the $12 cocktails out of my system.
Maybe you guys are right... maybe LA is giving PBR the respect it deserves. I'm humbled. I'm still not paying $20 for a pitcher, but I'm humbled.


Wow, Wilmington needs to get on board, or maybe not. I went to a bar here last week and had PBR for $1.50 per can at the bar in the Alley downtown. Just think of all the lost revenue. However they if are going to charge $5 for PBR here they are going to have to dress it up a little and serve it in a pint glass on tap. No more cans of PBR in a trash can full of ice behind the bar. Until then i'll take full advantage of Wilmington's lack of knowing and continue to pay my $1.50 for my PBR.

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