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August 13, 2008


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This is absolutely frightening.


You're an ethics fellow? That is frightening.


That's one flippin awesome rant. I saw the item earlier today and actually thought...Gretchen will go off on this...


Yes, Ez. Can you believe that? It's actually the only thing keeping me from throwing you off this blog...


Well said, fellow Fellow. You should post it to the discussion.


Thank you so much for the kindness you showed in not kicking me off. I just got an idea for your new job. You could start an org. called FETE - Fellows for the Ethical Treatment of Ezras


Well what's the definition of a reporter? The job at the most basic level is not really hard to do. Anyway bloggers and journalism are not mutually exclusive. At least bloggers understand and embrace not only the 24-hour news cycle but the future of newspapers.

Admit it, you're are going to apply for this paid position to write about LA's transit system.

I vote Ezra off the blog btw.


Very true, enhager. The only differences between reporters and bloggers are outdated notions concerning a college degree, journalism classes and other people - let's call them editors - who verify that the reporter isn't crazy and has written something based on reality and reputable sources.
If journalists had stood up for their training, education and experience, rather than acting like there was no difference between them and any monkey with a keyboard, who knows how things would be today.


You guys are missing the point here. They made Gretchen an ethics fellow. That's outrageous.


Enhager, bloggers and reporters are not mutually exclusive, but they're not one and the same either.
And Ezra, if you don't stop heckling me I'm going to do something very unethical to you... don't you have some Guatemalan orphans to write about or something? I'd think you'd have your hands full without pestering me...

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