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August 21, 2008


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Well ... you're in good company. I see Perez Hilton and Matt Drudge made those same lists!


People are weird. I love me some Bawlmer, but I still can't shake the horror of seeing rats the size of cats walking down Cross street IN BROAD DAYLIGHT one day. Or a pigeon walking around with a blow-dart in it. Or the times people mistook my Boston Terrier mix for a "pitty" and tried to get her to bite them. Or the fact that my car was broken into for absolutely no reason -- nothing was stolen and the doors were unlocked, yet the window was shattered. Bawlmer has a special place in my heart, but I can't say I'd move back to Fed Hill in a heartbeat.


The thing about Charm City is you have to see it for what it is and love it for what it is. I actually did. Which is why it is so galling that city minions are spending time trying to buy fluff stories instead of working to run a civilized government. Only Detroit is more violent, and witnesses are still getting mowed down on the street -- and the city wants to finance junkets for bloggers. It's classic Baltimore. I just don't think some people like to see the whole picture. Either that, or picking on Ray Lewis hurts their feelings.


Wow, but think about the traffic this will drive to your site! (Isn't that what we're supposed to think in the Age of Web-lightenment?) Remember: All press is good press.


C'mon, lets be fair. We all love B'more. It's the "City That Reads." Or wait, it's "The Greatest American City." Or now it's just "Baltimore: Get in on it." And what's not to get in on? You can pass a beautiful summer day in one of the city's fine parks, listening to ambulance sirens and watching homeless men urinate in marble fountains which they will later scoop a Big Gulp cup full of water from to mix up some fresh iced tea. Don't you miss it?
I wouldn't be too insulted Gretchen.


I forgot to thank Heather for pigeon-with-blow-dart retrospective. Boy, that does take me back. I almost wish I was back there, running across six lanes of MLK to chase down that dude who stole the extension ladder from the back of my house at 9 in the morning. Good times.
And I'm not really insulted, Ez. That's just me being an Obnoxious Blogger again.


This is a true honor. You have fans who HATE you so much they read your every word. Sigh. I aspire to be this accomplished as a blogger.


And as a side note, I'm like you, I loved Baltimore, but some of these stories still haunt me. Like the Dawsons.

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