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September 29, 2008


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I always thought Florida Goths were fucking hilarious. I mean, who can be a Goth where the sun shines brightly at least 360 days a year?

It was so "Goth Talk" from Saturday Night Live, which actually was set in Tampa with "Azrael Abyss" and "Circe Nightshade."

Megan Parker

Want to borrow some rain clouds? We've got a few you can use over here in London, where we haven't had a summer for the past 2 years!!


You know, people go crazy when it rains out there. Really, I've see it once. Earthquakes, fires, riots don't phase them. Water falling from the sky - all hell breaks loose.

Kimberly Wilson

If it's rain you want, head up to Portland in about three weeks. Here you'll find grey skies and conditions that shift from drizzly to drippy to pouring for most of the next six months.


Just wait til you see Angelenos drive when it rains!

(btw, your desk sits empty -- and not the only one -- very disturbing)

Jeff W.

I swear to God you're stealing all my story ideas. It has only rained about 20 times in the 8 years I've been in Colorado. It's so strange when you come from NC you actually miss having some dismal days. I have rainy days in my soul and it's weird when it never actually rains. I guess the snow is my substitute here.

Your story about the Greek theater reminded me I was going to post some pics of Red Rocks.


Okay, I have to know: Did it rain?

I'm picturing you laughing as you run through the rain, yelling with a Carolina accent something like "Lordy, Lordy!"


No. 108 days now...

So. Thirsty.

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