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September 22, 2008


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That's pretty sweet. Anthony dissed Lorne Michael's date...

I have no idea what Pink's is, but nothing sounds quite as good right at this moment as a Pink's chili dog.


Seriously, those are some real astute observations skills by the one currently employed journalist of the two of you. was anthony mute? drunk? both? how do you miss the guy in the tux in the hot dog line?


I know. He looked at him, but it didn't register. He said if Lorne Michaels had been standing there HOLDING the Emmy, or if he'd been standing there WITH Tina Fey, he would have gotten it.
I mean, you do see weird stuff here. There are old white guys in tuxes everywhere you go... It is another planet. And sometimes you just want your damn hot dog.

I personally think he was completely distracted by his plan to whack the blonde with the nine iron in his trunk if she tried to cut in line.


You look MAH-vehlous!! Holy crap, I feel like a total hayseed...


Why is line at Pink's so freaking long? Is it the only place in LA you can get a hot dog without tofu or avocado?


It does seem weird, I know. But this is what I'm trying to tell you! No one here eats tofu! The three main food groups are burgers, hot dogs and pie.

And this place is LA-famous. Lorne Michaels was telling his companion you have to get the chili dog. But I saw lots of people getting hot dogs with a big pile of bacon on top. A BIG pile.

And funny you should ask about avocado. I got mine with guacamole. Seriously.


I thought the main food groups where burgers, hot dogs and doughnuts - and purging, because there is no way LA can look like that on that kind diet.


Wait, so Lorne Michaels actually spoke? Because even if I spaced the old white dude in a tux, I could never have mistaken that old Dr. Evil voice.


Contrary to established lore about me, I was neither drunk nor mute at the time.

In MY defense ...
I thought the guy in line had more hair than Lorne Michaels. And that it was whiter than Lorne Michaels'.
And that just because the guy brought two women to Pink's, and a limo, I didn't think that qualified him as famous. I figured he was some random producer. Not some internationally renowned producer.

And I would never hit anyone with a nine iron. 'Cause I don't own one. But I would not hesitate to pull out my five iron if someone cut in front of me in a food line.
If they've got an Emmy to defend themselves with, so be it.
En garde!


Also, in Anthony's defense, who the hell considers Lorne Michaels a celebrity?
That's like calling that time I sat next to Anthony Michael Hall at the Boston unemployment office a celebrity spotting. C'mon, how bout some standards?


Thank you Ezra.
I just figured anyone famous wouldn't even screw around with the line. They'd have the handler grab the chili dog.


He didn't screw around with the line! He went to the grill and flashed the Lorne Michaels grin. And, probably, a hundy.

Besides, that's not why you didn't recognize him. You just think all old white guys look alike.

Especially in LA, where they all hang out with decked-out blondes.

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